Glass Verse-Eau, Brouilleur

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4 units

This glass verse-eau (water pourer in French) is a way of slowly adding water to an absinthe, used as a single serving. The verse-eau is placed on top of your glass then ice and water are added inside of the dripper. The cold water slowly pours through a small hole in the bottom of the brouilleur, into the glass of absinthe. Sugar is optional.

* Glass, spoon and saucer in photo not included.

This item is brandable.

  • Sold in sets of 4.
  • Case packed in 4.
  • Mouth blown glass.
  • Hand-cut facets.
  • Measures 3.75" wide x 2" tall.
  • Base of dripper fits a 3.25" mouth glass or smaller.
  • Imported.
English French