Torsade Absinthe Glass

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Minimum Purchase:
8 units

These mouth-blown, reproduction Torsade (twisted in French) absinthe glasses were originally made for use in bars and are thought to be the most popular style of pre-ban absinthe bar glass (before 1915). To this day, it is the most commonly found antique absinthe glass throughout France.

These glasses are made to the same measurements as original Torsade absinthe glasses, including their reservoir. The reservoir (located at the bottom of the glass) is used to measure the amount of absinthe to be added. This measured dose aided the bartender in knowing the exact amount of absinthe to add, while also helping the customer know it was an honest pour. The size of the reservoir generally correlates with the size of the glass being used, as water to absinthe ratios vary by the drinker (typically 3 to 5 parts water, to 1 part absinthe). The reservoir measures 50 ml (1.7 oz), which is standard for an absinthe glass of this size. These glasses also tends to feature a slightly larger reservoir than other antique absinthe glasses.

  • Minimum order of 8 glasses.
  • Sold in sets of 4 glasses.
  • Product boxes in 2 glasses.
  • Mouth-blown glass.
  • Measures 6.75" tall (17.1 cm) x 3" (7.6 cm) in diameter.
  • Glass holds approximately 10 fl oz (29.5 cl).
  • Reservoir holds approximately 1.7 fl oz (50 ml).
  • Imported.